STA (Sorry to all)

Published on 29 July 2023 at 15:00

who might have expected to hear 'I was so miserable the whole time🙂

I have actually been happy. I have experienced "joy" and "blessings" and all those other easily thrown around words in our Christian circles 😎

Met someone in November of 2020. Started officially dating in December. Now happily married, for over 2 years. When you click, you click! 😍

I now have a wife who is the peanut butter to my jelly.

Who is my soul mate and absolute rock and love of my life.

Who has supported me through an incredibly demanding job. Her naturally calm demeanor, somewhat creepy intuitiveness 🤭 and respect she exhibits have been such wonders I have treasured these years together.

She is my treasure, as I tell her from time to time - but - squirrel moment, back to our story now! 🙃

During those 3 years my active engagement with God and Christianity was extremely limited to essentially non-existent. I stopped reading My Bible, stopped setting aside time to pray. Only attended one church service in person during that period. Watched several services remotely, but I do admit I've just been in a completely different period where once familiar, dear things to me... well. It was like I was standing outside and looking in now.

I was focused on my demanding job and the new Treasure in my life now. My focus was to make my wife happy and enjoy our time spent together. We made time to travel. The world comes to NYC as they say, but I had never actually travelled outside the US before meeting here — not even once! We have built so many memories together now.

From our vacation in Mexico to the simplest event of taking a ‘late night date trip’ to our local deli for a mutual craving: NYC Deli sandwich 😬 we enjoy each other in the plainest of ways — I’ve been blessed. 

I know everyone says it. But I am BLESSED by God to have this woman as my life companion now.


That same wife has told me several times over the past couple of years:

'I think you need to block out some time and go read your Bible.'

''Take some minutes to pray. You were doing that before and I know you need it.'

'I think if you take some moments privately, it will help you be at peace.'


I always put it off because... It almost, felt foreign to do so. And start now? Just because I have been discouraged over work? Just because I was upset at something?

Each of us are creatures of routine, and I had now built myself a new routine without those spiritual daily actions. 

I don't know.

Maybe another time.


I wasn't ready yet.