WIW (Who is wise)

Published on 31 July 2023 at 17:00

Are you wise and intelligent? Each of us have gotten into arguments. Difference of opinions, am I right? Oh wait, my bad — sorry.

Not arguments. Only “discussions” that may include raised tones😏

Arguments and disagreements get my brain going about why some exchanges have to end up as those heated, awkward convo memories.


Unfortunately, if those interactions become patterns (especially with the same individual, time after time) gets me to thinking, what’s better: to be right about a topic or actually be right or wise?

I want to focus on this quick verse in James 3 who points to the person that is truly wise and what are the visible signs (if any) of this kind of person.

WIW (Who is wise?) James 3:13 (AMP)

  • 3:13a — “Who among you is wise and intelligent?”
  • 3:13b — “Let him by his good conduct show his [good] deeds”
  • 3:13c — “with the gentleness and humility of true wisdom.”

Another way to phrase these thoughts could be,

  • 3:13a — anyone who is wise
  • 3:13a — and full of understanding?
  • 3:13b — They must obviously show or display with their very life movements or conduct or at any turn they take
  • 3:13b — by their visible tasks, efforts or work, accomplishing these with
  • 3:13c — an attitude of great self-control or gentleness and knowledge or experience


According to this Scriptural thought, 

   1. One cannot claim to be ‘right’ or ‘wiser’ after winning a verbal debate.

(Certainly not whoever talks the loudest during the debate!)

   2. One cannot claim being wise due to obtaining an education degree.

   3. Not even after accomplishing every work goal set before them during the course of the year.

   4. And most importantly, no. Being able to parallel park also doesn't meet the bar! 😎


Here I speak from experience:

In the NYC white collar world, a more common question would be:

  • ‘Who among you got the best bonus?’
  • ‘Who among you got on that relevant Forbes 30 Under 30?’
  • ‘Who among you got that epic home in Huntington, Long Island’?

So much emphasis is put on what we achieve.

Achievement can easily be the end motivation of what we pursue with our actions.

Instead, we can claim these attributes — being wise and full of understanding — by actively living a life through our every day with constant actions that match our Maker.

(And hey, bonus: Then you can let everyone know who’s really wise and intelligent!)

JK 🙂


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