Did Flamy Grant just write one of the better Christian songs available today?

Published on 7 August 2023 at 15:00

To catch you all up who might have not heard: about a week ago now, Matthew Blake’s (Blake, who takes the Drag persona of Flamy Grant in his performances) hit song entitled, “Good Day” (feat Derek Webb) snagged the ever desired #1 spot in iTunes Christian singles chart. It was up there. For several days.

(Yes. I see the shocked faces…I do!)

Apparently, Flamy had written this song back in 2016. It was released in October of 2022; however, the reaction didn’t explode until a prominent Evangelical leader took a swipe at Flamy — then the real drama started: Flamy’s single and album took off in the Christian hit rankings.

Open the doors of evangelical social media: They did a double take when they didn’t see “a typical individual” lifting up his personal testimony in song but this was a… what??? a DRAG QUEEN?!...

Everyone stop!

Justified Anger or Hypocrisy?

Let’s explore those pretty tense social media responses from conservatives in Evangelicalism:

Couple questions for them (or you if you were one of them):

1. Were you upset because Flamy Grant used His platform to try to sing about his relationship with God?


2. Did it bother you that someone who looks like Flamy Grant was claiming to represent God and be His child regardless of acceptance from a group of believers?


3. When you heard the lyrics in the hit song “Good Day” did it make you angry because in your opinion it was obvious that Flamy was self-promoting himself rather than pointing the audience to who God is? You… did… listen to it? Didn’t you?


4. Please honestly answer me now: If you heard this song, but never knew anything about the individual singer and never saw his photo. Would you still come up with a list of reasons how terrible and wicked this song was?

I have to ask because we all know Christianity has NEVER had an issue with

coming up with their opinion solely based on what others have told them to think 🙄

Let’s Listen in

rather than form our own opinions based on the general consensus of our various cliques.

Alright. Let’s talk about it.


Because what I hear, is someone’s testimony. It starts out with a strong but calm vocal. The words are sung quietly while also in a resolute manner. I also picked up on, hurt? Pain? Seeping out in the words forming line after line of sharing one’s story… The strum of the guitar in a blue-grass manner plays in the background.

Throughout the song, Flamy testifies: his own experience and journey.

Flamy’s reflection builds throughout the song with increasing intensity that today is a good day despite other’s not accepting him. He knows today is a good day because although he was removed from certain Christians’ circle of fellowship, he was never alone and now he’s certain more than ever of the love of God.

The bridge towards the final chorus says:

It’s a good day, nothing’s gonna keep me
Out of the light, I’m not gonna hide
I’ve got a heart in the right place
Covered in the good graces of
An endless love

I dream…

Of a day where the Church will stop the games of telephone. Will form their opinions to God’s Word instead of reacting to their circles of influence.

My purpose in writing this article was not to convince you against your own conscience.

But I do implore you: if you do represent the Church, to do better with your reaction. The world is watching. (And so are other believers.)

In the words of Nicole Nordeman, I have hope that more Christians will take time to reflect and contemplate our differences and realize sometimes we get it wrong. And let’s be gracious and honest when we do.

I highly recommend listening to the below song in closing out this read...