IMO (In my opinion)

the biggest issue today in Christianity, Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism is due to human interpretation issues of God's Word.

What is: human opinion and personal interpretation of the individual - that has been taught and passed on to humanity in the Church, Bible Studies or any other religious teaching setting - as fact.

As facts of God's Words and requirements.
But they're not.
They are humanity's interpretation.
Maybe even, can I say, humanity's wish of interpretation?
Whether taught with good intentions or as manipulation for power, still simply human interpretation.

But not Truth.
Truth = I use this word assuming IMO there is absolute Truth in God's Word.


But anytime there is teaching of a human's interpretation that leaves aside the Author's original intention (IMO, God) - the ultimate result is not truth that can actually 'activate' with applicational life steps to access the blessings, promises and principles found in the Bible.

What's even worse? Human's twisting and perverting God's own Words leaving horrific damage in those they encounter...
The words and interpretations these humans claim are God-inspired.


Have we really given God a chance?

Or have the humans who 'represent' Him wasted His chance for us?